Commercial Truck & Agricultural Equipment Tire Services in Dublin, GA

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Lake’s Alignment Service offers commercial truck tire and AG tire services in Dublin, GA, and the surrounding areas. We’re a reliable establishment to seek assistance if for your truck, forklift, tractor, skitter, irrigation equipment, and other agricultural equipment. We can provide in the field and on-site services for tires as well as services at our shop. Experienced technicians can help you with the following services in a professional and timely manner:

Wheel Alignments

Manufacturers recommend getting wheel alignments at specific intervals to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Failure to get the appropriate alignment can result in uneven tire wear and tire damage vulnerability. The certified technicians at Lake’s Alignment Service can do semi truck tires and alignments to meet the safety and performance requirements.

Tire Pressing

Special equipment is necessary for vehicles that have hard tires. For example, a forklift requires a tire pressing service; not all tire shops can do that. You can rest assured that this provider can perform industrial tire pressing services and keep your forklifts and other equipment running smoothly. With tire pressing services available, you’ll never have to worry about having too much downtime, and you can keep the workflow moving effectively.

Tire Sales

There’s no getting around the imminent need for new tires. Fortunately, Lake’s Alignment Service offers tire sales along with agricultural vehicle tires and alignments. You can speak with a knowledgeable sales representative to help you find the most suitable tires for your vehicle. You can also trust in their expertise because of the business’s collective five decades of experience in the field.

The tire experts will let you know when you need tires and if you can salvage a tire that may need repairs. They can also help you choose the best type of tire for the work you need. Trust is the main factor that sets the specialists at Lake’s Alignment Service apart from others in the industry. Thus, you can have 100 percent trust that they will never steer you wrong.

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Scheduling an appointment is as simple as using the dedicated phone number or completing an online form. Services are available during convenient weekday hours. The phone number for assistance is 478-272-4230, and you can reach out online using a quick mouse click.