April 6, 2024

"Fast and efficient, quality work. Extremely nice service staff."
January 20, 2024

"Great customer service. Tolita is amazing. They got my brakes and rotors fixed in no time."
January 8, 2024

"I absolutely love Zeke. He took one look at my car and fixed the problem in no time. He was quick and thorough. Also very friendly. Love seeing smiling faces in establishments:) keep up the great job Zeke. And the front desk ladies were super helpful as well :)"
December 13, 2023

"It's the only place I buy my tires. Outstanding service and knowledgeable technicians."
October 10, 2023

"Took my truck to Lakes to get an alignment post suspension lift. While on the way, my truck developed a vibration and noise. Turns out one of my batteries was left disconnected, an upper control arm was left finger tight and the driver’s front wheel was not tightened ruining the wheel and breaking a stud. Since the wheels were bought from a Canadian distributor, I had to buy a new set of wheels from Tanners up the street. The fine folks at Lake’s worked with Tanners to get new wheels delivered then mounted and balanced them, replaced all the studs on the drivers front hub and aligned the truck. Mr. Lake’s daughter even met me at the shop after hours as I was picking up my motorcycle I left in the parking lot and asked how the truck drove. I have never been more thankful for great service and treated with the urgency my particular situation needed. Everyone at Lake’s deserves my sincere thanks and your business."