June 24, 2024

"Took the work truck here. F550. Got new front steer tires, front end alignment, and rotated the rear dually tires. Everyone was so kind and helpful all the way from phone calls to the checkout. They checked the alignment and it was already in perfect alignment, so they saved us money there. Got the best tires at better prices within a 50 miles radius.I do recommend Lakes alignment. They have 2 big shops next to one another. They do cars and pickup trucks up to most heavy trucks."
April 6, 2024

"Fast and efficient, quality work. Extremely nice service staff."
January 20, 2024

"Great customer service. Tolita is amazing. They got my brakes and rotors fixed in no time."
January 8, 2024

"I absolutely love Zeke. He took one look at my car and fixed the problem in no time. He was quick and thorough. Also very friendly. Love seeing smiling faces in establishments:) keep up the great job Zeke. And the front desk ladies were super helpful as well :)"
December 13, 2023

"It's the only place I buy my tires. Outstanding service and knowledgeable technicians."